The magic powder, Catmandoo!

I’ve been doing my best to get Pole to eat. I know with chronic kidney disease, it’s a challenge getting the patient to eat, so I’ve tried various enticements to get Pole to eat. The “trick” is to try a different “treat” each time to keep it interesting.

So far, I’ve tried Cindy’s mousse, AD and Primal sprinkles. But sometimes, nothing works and it can get very challenging because I have to ensure she eats so that she doesn’t get a gastric problem again.

I remember this treat, Catmandoo, so I ordered two packs from

My dear friend and Cubgrub “chef” and founder, Lin Li, offered to give me some Catmandoo and she brought some over tonight.

The first round of renal food with Catmandoo – finished! And Pole asked for more!

The second round with Catmandoo – also finished all, despite the intimidation from Cleo.

This is the magic powder! I just sprinkled some powder onto the food, and voila…!

Thank you very much, Lin Li!

This is a miracle. Normally, Pole will leave some or more unfinished food. And I’ll have to either keep it for the next round (which Pole will say is not “fresh” anymore) or just offer it to anyone who wants to eat it up.

Fully satiated!

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