Pole’s new milestone (eating story)

Pole achieved a new milestone yesterday. She managed to eat her targeted TWO pouches of the RC renal food. According to the guidelines, a 3kg slim cat should eat two pouches of the food.

Pole achieved that yesterday!

Pole’s meals are spread out throughout the day and she eats on demand. The Catmandoo really helps! She can also eat a bit more now at each meal.

I’m seriously contemplating whether Pole should be subject to regular blood tests and check-ups because we already know her CKD is progressing (her kidneys are deteriorating) and I have done everything that I can, the last being switching her food to a renal diet.

Whether her condition deteriorates further or it improves, we are just going to maintain everything that we are already doing now: Renal diet, daily subcut of 180ml (pushing to 200ml if her weight increases), Amlodipine for her high blood, transdermal Methimazole for her hyperthyroidism. She also has Mirtazapine every alternate day as anti-nausea and anti-vomiting (not sure if this should continue). I’ve discontinued the daily Omeprazole as she has been okay without it. I guess, the less medication, the better.

Will discuss this with the vet when Smurfy goes for his 3rd vaccination.

Even though Cleo’s readings improved, I’m still doing the twice-weekly subcut for her. The vet says we could try reducing it to once a week, but we did once, and her creatinine shot up again, so, no. Maintain.

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