ReyRey’s weight and more Greystoke stories

This morning, I did not disturb Rey as she was fast asleep in the morning. It only waited until she started crawling before weighing her.

I held my breath. Oh, please, please, please, please increase at least 10g. 14g is the yardstick but that would be asking for too much. I shall not be greedy. At least 10g, please.

219 grams!!

So that’s 189g to 201g (an increase of 12g) and now, 219g (an increase of 18g)!

Shh…touch wood.  It should be 14g increase per day. So, yes, be thankful. Be very thankful.

I don’t think I need to weigh Rey anymore now that I know she is on track.

Minnie, you are right. You know what to do.

Here’s are some photos for today.

Lepak time at the patio.

Who’s who?!!

Smurfy’s the best!

Smurfy guarding his siblings while mum goes out to lepak.

The little one at the far end is Rey.

Minnie hiding from me. It’s always very difficult to catch her back after we let her out. But the trick that works now is to get her into the house, then close the patio door. Somehow, by doing this, we can get her to go back to the condo by herself. But if the patio door is open, she will keep going out.

The four siblings in conference.

Minnie disallowing Tabs to come in.

Minnie is still looking for routes to escape.

Our contractor, Ah Keong, still hasn’t come. Sigh…

Back in the condo.

Minnie has been eating well for the past two days.