Heidi attacked (the attacked or the attacker?)

Why is Heidi sitting at the top of the stairs?

I did not witness the episode but husband did. All I heard was an unfamiliar shrieking sound, clearly of two cats fighting, but the sounds were totally unfamiliar to me.

According to husband, this was what happened. Heidi walked past the condo (Minnie was out) and Minnie came from nowhere and attacked her.

Okay, I don’t blame Minnie’s motherly instincts as I’ve seen Pole do that, more than 13 years ago, protecting her litter of which Cleo was a member. Pole chased Bobby (yes, our poodle, Bobby, yes, a dog) for a distance until Bobby was literally shivering with fear, trapped against the back door. That’s how fierce a mother-cat can be. I witnessed that with my own eyes.

When Minnie came out for lepak time today, Ginger fled (dah kena sekali, once bitten, twice shy). Tabs also fled. Only Heidi belum kena.  And Heidi couldn’t care less. She lives according to her own rules of social distancing, ie. “Stay away from me or be swiped.” It’s one very simple rule and it’s fair because I applies to everyone, human or cat or any living being, I guess.

Ginger monitoring the situation.

She’s just doing her own thing on the pebbles, rubbing to her heart’s content.

Do you need help, Brother Ginger?  I can help. 

Er, Indy, this is not your regular type of fight. You have not encountered a nursing-mother before, Indy. Jangan main-main.

Ginger monitoring from a safer distance and height.

Heidi finally came downstairs and I tried to comfort her, only to be swiped quite badly by her.

Okay, social distancing, okay. She continued to swipe me a few more times. Granted, she is very angry she lost the battle to Minnie. Ego is badly bruised. Okay, I understand.

The bravest of them all, Tabs, tried to play mediator.

Tabs, I don’t advocate you doing this, Tabs. Please…

But Tabs was persistent.

Love conquers all?

Surprisingly, Minnie did not attack Tabs. But then again, Minnie only attacks anyone whom she thinks is a threat to her kittens. Surprisingly too, she trusts me and lets me touch her kittens.

Ooh…what a privilege.

So, was Heidi the attacked and the attacker? Well, both. Minnie attacked Heidi and Heidi attacked me!

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