The Greystoke kittens

Photos from this morning!

Which is Rey?

She’s the second one from the bottom. Look at the tail. Rey has the longest tail.

I think Rey is fast catching up in size! Though she is still slightly smaller than the rest. I did not weigh her this morning.

Minnie had her time out.

And Smurfy was so happy! He did his antelope jigs and invited Minnie to play. This time, Minnie did not reject him.

Minnie’s feeding sessions still need work. I think she is too engrossed with “other things” on her mind, like, managing her kittens, feeding them or wanting to get out, so food is not her priority. I can understand this. I’m also not a food-motivated person. When I have lots to do, I can go without food for many, many hours and skip meals. I don’t have to stop for food, especially, when I’m passionate about what I’m doing.  Minnie seems to be like this too.

So, to make her eat, I have to first entice her with Nutriplus Gel with my finger. After a few licks, squirt some onto her food, then offer the food. Usually, this does the trick. As to the amount she eats, I give as much as she is willing to eat, until she can eat no more.

Before I forget, I should thank my raw-feeding friend, Mr Ang, founder of Coco&Joe’s, for his advice on weighing Rey a few days ago when I was very worried about Rey not getting enough milk or being rejected as the weakest. Or, worried about Minnie not eating. Mr Ang’s suggestions worked. Thank you!

This morning, Smurfy went into the condo too. If only I had my phone I could have taken a full family photo! Smurfy went in to visit his siblings and Minnie was there as well. Minnie allowed him to sniff at them.

Then, Heidi came to look and hissed at everyone. Heidi is the enforcer of social distancing in the house. She probably wasn’t happy as the kittens were all huddled together (this is just a joke).

Today is Smurfy’s third vaccination.


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