Cruel humans will never be extinct

I exited my neighbourhood chatgroup yesterday.

There’s just so much I can take.

For eight years, ever since I moved to this new neighbourhood, I had been the lone voice speaking up, appealing for some kindness to animals, be it the community cats or the tree shrews, the monkeys, or civet cats (musang).

I’ve done my part in helping escaped pet dogs, taking in abandoned cats, getting blood donors for pet dogs, etc.

And always appealing for some semblance of kindness from the neighbours, to please not call the authorities to take away the animals.

It’s simple logic.

Aren’t we humans the ones who destroyed and encroached into the animals’ natural habitat, thereby rendering them homeless now? They have no where to go.

Can’t we just learn to live and let live?  Share this small space on earth with them?

If you cannot help them, if you cannot like them, even if you do not like them, can’t you just let them be and not cause them hurt and harm?

Yesterday was just too much to bear. This woman was gloating about her capture of the neighbourhood musangs and she posted photos.

Now, I know this blog is read by animal lovers, so I will not do the harm of describing the photos she posted.

But I saw those photos and it is going to haunt me for many years down the road.

That’s when I did not think twice anymore. I just exited the group without a word.

Some equally horrible neighbours were asking for tips on how she did it, where she bought the trap, what she used as bait. Yes, they were going to follow in her footsteps.

There comes a time when you have done ENOUGH and you cannot change people’s horrible way of thinking.

So, this is when you have to safeguard your own sanity and dissociate from such negative, cruel and hateful people.

After all, if you don’t look after your own sanity, who will?

So, I used to be the lone voice speaking up for animals in this chatgroup. A friend said, if you leave, who is going to speak up for the animals now?

But I did text four (yes, only four) of my neighbours whom I know are kind people. I told them why I left.

Well, what do you know? After that, I was told, two of them started speaking up to appeal for kindness to the animals.

So yes, sometimes, when you have done enough, it’s time to take a rest and keep your sanity, and let others take over.

We are not indispensable. When we rest, there will be others who will take over what we do.

On the note of not respecting nature, what price to pay?

Covid 19

But some humans will not learn. Even after several pandemics, even after losing loved ones, they STILL will not learn. Such is human nature – persistently ignorant.

A wise man once said: Do not be in the company of the ignorant (he actually said “fools”, but I shall just say “the ignorant”).

Now, I will have to somehow come to peace with the horrible photos and find my peace.

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