Minnie attacks again

Minnie is on a warpath. I think there are two reasons. Firstly, it’s her natural protective, defensive mother instinct. Secondly, today is Day 10 and she had been searching for a place to “shift nest” but could not find anywhere conducive, so I think she is upset.

Smurfy is finally brave enough to eat on the kitchen island.

With the elders.

As for the kittens, Rey has caught up in size!  I was worried about Rio so I weighed him yesterday, he’s okay as far as weight is concerned. There is an average weight gain of 16g per day for him.

I’m guessing these two are Rio and Robin, but I won’t be able to tell for sure until I see their tails!

Lynx is usually with Rey.

Gingertom came to visit again today.

Later, Minnie came out for her break and she attacked Tabs, Ginger and Heidi.

Heidi had it the worst. Maybe there’s some “bad blood” between them.

Even Smurfy ran for cover (he is hiding behind the pillar), behind Ginger.

Smurfy has regarded Ginger as his mentor and follows Ginger all around.

Indy pushed his chair to Stargate so that he gets a better view of everything.

Tabs was terrified of Minnie.

Mentor sits, I sit. 

And I said I would come out and help. Let me out.

Finally managed to get Minnie to go back into the condo.

She’s always busy looking after the kittens, so the only way to ensure she eats is to hold the bowl up for her and feed her. In between, she would be grooming the kittens.

Smurfy always visits.

Another attack on Heidi in the afternoon break time.

Heidi, you had better steer clear of Minnie for this period.

Oh, when did you escape out to the living room, Indy?

He came out to torment Ginger. It’s not over yet….