New shelves for the cats and Minnie-proofing the patio

We decided to make new shelves for the cats.

Smurfy is supervising the work.

It’s done now!

Tabs did not go up by herself, though. Husband placed her there.

Usually, it would take a few days or up to a week before they would try out anything new.

The shelves cannot be too high, or else an athletic cat like Smurfy and even Minnie can jump from the shelf and latch onto the wooden panels of the roof. Then, escape from there.

Today, the contractor, Ah Keong, FINALLY came and yes, I hope by flipping the polycarbs over vertically now, it’s Minnie-proof.

I can only hope.

We often think that the 45 degree inclination works because we are told that cats cannot climb at 45 degrees backwards, but this is NOT true.

Indy did it.

And when Smurfy first came, I saw him climb (scale) backwards on the condo. Yes, he scaled the condo ceiling upside down. Like an acrobat.

Minnie and Smurfy are both very athletic. Maybe the kittens will be too.

We’ve got quite a number of fortifications done today.

Let’s hope it is secure now.

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