Actually, who is teaching?

Since the MOHE allowed all tertiary institutions to conduct online teaching-learning, I have been working/teaching from home.

And I must say that I like it!!

The disadvantage, for me, is that I cannot see the students’ faces or body language to gauge their understanding (or I won’t know if they have gone off somewhere else while leaving their computers on), but there are more advantages.


1   It was the MCO, for safety, of course!

2   Students have to take greater responsibility for themselves now, with augurs well, I say, because don’t they have to take responsibility for themselves throughout their entire life?

3   If students go off somewhere leaving their computers on, well, that’s their loss, isn’t it?

4   Students have to learn to speak up (into the microphone) or at least, text their questions. If they don’t or refuse to ask questions, again, it would be their loss. I cannot see their faces or gauge their body language.

5  Students don’t have parking problem, or “the LRT broke down” reasons for being late for class. But of course, the “I overslept” or “I did not hear my alarm” reasons are still intact.

6   I get to learn to use online tools, which has been an adventure and especially good to keep MY brain functioning.  Well, thanks to my college too, for already established the online learning platform years ago and for conducting intensive courses for us at the start of the MCO.  In your job, whatever it may be, if you stop learning, you’d stagnate.

But I also have a mentor! And a consultant!

Yes, working from home ROCKS!!

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