Barkery treats for the cats! And Pole’s news

I ordered Barkery treats for the cats from Perromart’s online store. Perromart is indeed the friendliest online store I’ve ever encountered. Their service is personal and their shipping is extremely fast (next day delivery!).

I had initially ordered mackerel skin (to entice Pole to eat), but they had run out of stock, so it’s just chicken that is available.

The chicken is dehydrated raw chicken with turmeric and parsley and it smells oh-so-good!

Support local products!!

I offered Tabs first, but she just sniffed at it, played with it and rubbed her face on the Tupperware!  Haha…

Our most feral cat, Cleo, went for it and loves it!

Indy too!

Wasn’t sure if Pole would like it, but yes, it looks like she loves it too!

Pole has been eating “hospital food” for almost 3 weeks now. I think she deserves a treat.

It’s chicken with turmeric and parsley (all good stuff). Turmeric is anti-inflammatory and parsley has folic acid and anti-oxidants.

Cow and Bunny did not know what to do with it. Bunny did sniff at it, but Cow, no, Cow didn’t know what it was.

It’s food, Cow. It’s food.

Smurfy loves it too.

But Minnie didn’t eat hers. Maybe she was too busy with her kittens.

I also bought a tray of chicken gizzards today (as a dental food), but only Ginger and Smurfy knew how to chew on them.

Pole’s daily subcut is now 200ml. She is able to tolerate it well.

Catmandoo does not work all the time, I still have to think of new enticements.

Pole’s check-up is this Sunday. I really hope the renal food can help bring her creatinine level down. As for her phosphate level, we are back on Pronefra which Pole doesn’t like. I tried Renate for one day – it was worse for her.

I used to rub Pronefra on her mouth and she hates this. She would run away the moment she knew I was bringing the bowl of Pronefra. Now, I use the syringe. She still doesn’t like it, but at least it won’t stress her as much as having the liquid rubbed on her mouth and getting her all “dirty”.

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