Gratitude is the memory of the heart

Today I received a surprise email which definitely lifted my spirits.

It was from someone whose name I cannot quite recall, but she said I helped her in 2013 (she even forwarded the email back to me). The email was in Chinese (which I must have got a friend to translate) and it appears that I got’s medical fund to help her. I also got a friend to help her with the write-up because she needed translation help.

That was all.

And she remembered and is grateful.

Today, after 7 years, she gave a generous donation to AnimalCare.

Gratitude is indeed the memory of the heart and there are a few things which I truly, truly treasure – good manners, gratitude, sincerity, honesty, all of which are becoming very rare qualities in today’s world.

So, thank you so much, Ms Chia. You have really made my day.

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