Neutering aid for 2 cats in Seri Kembangan (Te Bee Kean’s)

We have provided an aid of RM200 for the neutering of these 2 female cats (on heat).

Ms Katherine Te is a new applicant. We have verified these cases with the vet.

Hi Dr. Chan, 
Hope you are having a great week. 
I found these cats under my block in Seri Kembangan before MCO, and I have been feeding them since then. They are very friendly and unafraid of human, so I try to put them up for adoption. As an independent rescuer, I actively rescue strays but I couldn’t take them in for the time being because I have reached the maximum capacity at my home, and RMCO has unfortunately lowered the interest of potential adopters out there. 
These two will be released at the same area where I trapped them. For the foreseeable future, I will feed them and provide clean water for them, as long as they show up in the area. Here’s the short story about these two girls. 
Do let me know if you require more information. Please find attached are the form, official receipt, and two images for the cats. I sincerely hope that my application will get through as I am suffering a pay cut from my company, so the aid will be extremely helpful. 
Thank you for your consideration. 
Best regards, 
Katherine Te Bee Kean 

There is also another new applicant who is a friend of Ms Te:

I often feed the strays under my block and many of the them are already spayed. However, this two appeared just a couple months ago. I then proceed to ask around if any vet can neuter them as soon as they can because they are on heat and making noises. 
I stumbled across your page some times last year, but I told myself to not apply until the time I need to, in this case is the pay cut that I was told earlier this month. 
I have also acquainted Regent Chua Lai Chin few months back when we spoke to each other about our love for cats online as we both joined the same groups in Facebook. 
Occasionally, we do meet up as we stay pretty near to each other. She told me she has recently experienced some difficulties and so I told her about this aid, in hope that she will receive the help she needs.
We also talked about these two cats. She told me she have asked the vet for the 3 girls she was planning to send in before next heat cycle, and found out they can slot in 2 cats the day before her appointment, that’s why I have chosen to send them to the same vet.
I hope this clarification will be helpful. 

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