Robin’s blue eyes!

All newborn kittens have blue eyes, I know.

But I’m quite sure Robin opened a tiny bit of his eyes this morning!

I missed the photo where Robin opened his eyes, not completely, but a wee bit.

So I waited…


He is opening his eyes!!!

I’m quite sure by tomorrow, Robin will have a full glimpse of the world around him!

Today is Day 12.

I’m a little worried about Lynx now. He seems to be the smallest. Well, Lynx was born the smallest, but he caught up really fast and Rey was left far behind. Then, I talked to Rey and told her she has to catch up and Rey did. Now, I’ll have to do the same for Lynx.

I weighed them all today.

Rey Rio Robin Lynx
11th June Day 6 189 195 207 203
17th June Day 12 280 288 294 288
Average weight gain per day 15.1 15.5 14.5 14.2

So it looks like Rio has the biggest average weight gain and Lynx, the lowest, but it’s all still within the normal range of 14g per day.

Minnie is not happy with me weighing the kittens. She quickly groomed them and actually put her arm around them to tell me that it’s best I don’t meddle.

Sorry, Minnie, but I was a little worried about Rey and Lynx, but it looks like Rey is on track.

Cats read minds, I’m sure of it. Because later on, I saw Lynx getting full access to Minnie’s milk. Good boy, Lynx. Eat up, eat up and grow.  You have to catch up!


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