Lynx opens her eyes, and Rio opens one eye only

Rio open his EYE yesterday.  Yes, only one eye. I was hoping he will open the other today, but right up till now, it’s still one eye.  Just one.

Lynx finally opened her eyes this afternoon (it’s a bit hard to see since she is a black beauty!), but both eyes are definitely opened by now.

As for Rio, it’s still just one eye. The other was so tightly shut I almost thought maybe he cannot open it. But just now, I thought I might have seen a slit.  I hope so!

Here are today’s photos.

Pretty little Rey.

You see…this is Rio. Only one eye was open this morning (and last night).

Below are tonight’s photos.

That’s Smurfy rooming in with everyone.

Can you see Lynx’ eyes?

There….see Lynx’ eyes?

Lynx was the smallest on Day 1, so I guess she is the youngest.

Rio is still one-eyed as of now.

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