More dehydrated treats (for dental health)!

I also bought Cubgrub’s dehydrated raw chicken treats.

Everyone went CRAZY over it!

It’s pure dehydrated raw chicken, from Cubgrub.

My priority would still be to give them chunks of meat to chew. I bought gizzards two days ago (will tell you the story later). I also bought chicken breast meat and beef cubes.

As for gizzards, only Ginger and Smurfy ate them initially. The next day, I got Indy, Minnie and Bunny to eat it too. It’s good for the teeth as it’s tough (for chewing).

As for chicken breast meat, everyone eats it except Cow. But yesterday, but pure luck, Cow ate a piece. However, it was just a one-off miracle as Cow didn’t eat it today.

Now, Indy loves it. Unfortunately, he swallows it whole and later, vomits it all out. So, all the chunks are wasted. It comes out whole, which means Indy doesn’t chew.  I’ve been advised to cut them chunks even bigger for Indy (to force him to chew).

As for beef chunks, not everyone eats them.

So, the better option would be gizzards and meat chunks since these contain moisture.

The next best would be dehydrated raw meat. So far, I have Barkery’s and Cubgrub’s – they love these.

Now I’m thinking if I should purchase a dehydrator and make my own dental treats.

I’m told the better brands aren’t available in Malaysia (or they are, but incredibly and frightfully expensive, something to the tune of RM3000!!!!).

My worry would be the plastic leaching into the food since long hours of heating is needed to dehydrate the food.

Does anyone here know of any good and safe brand that I could consider purchasing, please?  Thanks in advance.

P.S. Pole LOVES the dehydrated meat. But I’m wary that she should not eat too much of it as she needs as much water as she can get. But it sure is nice to see her eating it so happily and asking for more.


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