Rio opens his other eye!!!

After 3 days, Rio finally opened his other eye this afternoon (just now)!

This morning, it was still closed. Tightly shut. But the other eye was big, round and bright.

We bought Smurfy his very own rattan basket.

Just wanted to support the rattan goods maker. It’s a dying skill and yes, everyone is trying very hard to make a living now. But the rattan maker, even though he doesn’t know any English, it very pro-active. He already has an Instagram account, he is going to learn how to sell his wares online and he is even giving rattan-weaving lessons to earn a bit more. Very worthy of support.

Even though a plastic basket at the DIY shops only costs RM4 and this basket cost us RM80, it’s still a worthy cause – to support our local products and a dying skill.

Ooh….one for the album!

Just imagine, later we are going to have FIVE grey tabbies from the Greystoke family. Only Lynx is a black beauty!

Rio’s eye was still tightly shut this morning.

You can see his shut-eye here, in this photo.

It was only at about 1pm that Rio finally opened his left eye!!

Open sesame!!!