A discussion on Cow’s pawing problem

After the last treatment, Cow stopped pawing. The medication was very effective.

Cow is still on Orozyme on a daily basis, sometimes even twice a day.

But the pawing started again yesterday.

So I had a discussion with the vet today since I was at the clinic with Pole, Minnie and the kittens.

Cow has two issues which I wanted to discuss.

First, it’s his pawing problem. The vet said Cow could get another scaling done and she would want to remove one of his lower molars, but I’m worried that Cow is already 14 years old and would rather not put him under anaesthesia.

Second, it’s his creatinine. It’s still normal, but last year it as 116 and this year, it’s 167 (normal range is 71 -212), but because his SDMA (tested on 31st May 2020) was 11, the vet isn’t worried about him having CKD.  SDMA can predict CKD from as early as 1.5 years before it shows in any readings.  So, Cow’s SDMA is normal.

The vet says I can put Cow on Cubgrub’s CKD Chicken, to play it safe. This makes sense as Cow is already 14 years old.

For Cow’s pawing problem, the vet prescribed Tramadol and Afta Med.

Mr Cow Mau