Pole’s kidney readings (maintained)

I suppose it would have been too much to hope that the readings would go down.  After all, Pole is already at Stage 3 of the chronic kidney disease and we know she is deteriorating.

So, I suppose “no deterioration” is already good news.

Pole’s creatinine today is 414 (previous was 426, so it’s not a significant reduction). Urea is 16.5 (previous was 17.6). But her phosphates went down to 1.12 (previous was 1.72).  So, the Pronefra really works. Well, we know it does because the same happened the last time too. It is actually VERY effective as a phosphate-binder.

But Pole hates Pronefra, so judging from readings, the vet says I can already cut down on it. 1.12 is already on the very low end of normal.  The reason I stopped Pronefra was that Pole had the vomiting and nausea problem during her gastric period. After that, her phosphates went up to 1.72 (still normal, but on the high end). Now, just after 3 weeks, it has gone down very significantly.

Pole has been on 75% RC renal diet for the last 3 weeks. It did not manage to bring down her creatinine level. But at least the reading did not increase, which is good enough.

For Pole, the vet says it is all about maintenance now. Pole is clinically well, active, alert and as “normal” as she can be.

The vet say to just watch out for her heart, in case there is any gasping, since Pole has high blood pressure (under medication, so it’s under control) and hyperthyroidism. It is actually the hyperthyroidism that hastens the kidney deterioration.

We did not know Pole had hyperthyroidism at all until she was tested last year. It’s under control now with medication, but it will still cause the kidneys to deteriorate faster.

Pole’s weight is maintained at 2.96kg today so that’s good too.

Apart from her kidney readings (the numbers), all else is “good”. I mean, the only thing that tells us Pole has kidney disease are the numbers, and not anything else. There is no more vomiting too.  Her appetite is very good.

The vet said to continue the subcut at 200ml per day and Pole can actually go back to Cubgrub’s CKD Chicken.

I’ll have to convert her back to Cubgrub’s CKD Chicken because Pole is more of a Coco&Joe’s cat but there is no CKD recipe from Coco&Joe’s.  I gave her Cubgrub’s CKD just now, topped with Catmandoo and Cubgrub’s dehydrated chicken (which she absolutely loves) but Pole just picked up all the treats and left the meal.

She is still a fussy eater.

Cleo is intimidating Pole, but I shoo-ed her away.


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