Smurfy’s favourite spot for sunbathing

…is here!

He just loves napping in this wooden sink!
At other times, it’s “follow the mentor”.

Just now, Indy escaped and the moment Ginger saw Indy, he ran to hide. Smurfy didn’t know why, so he just stayed where he was. Indy went towards him and Smurfy tried to says hello and be friends, but Indy hissed and did the “sideways” posturing (sideways to that he looks bigger).

We scooped the psychotic Indy back to Bunny’s Place.

Poor Smurfy.

Two days ago, Smurfy also had a fright of his life. He climbed/scaled Stargate2 and fell down (luckily, on all fours). But he was SO frightened, he ran back to his blue hanging basket in his cage and stayed obediently there for HOURS.

Poor Smurfy. We have since installed another polycarb vertically up on Stargate2 for now to prevent another such incident.

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