Pole’s updates

I still have not been able to make Pole eat Cubgrub. I’ve tried various ways (without the “eat or starve” method, of course). She doesn’t seem to like it anymore.

But she is willing to eat her RC renal wetfood, which is still okay.  But I have to be creative in the toppings, alternating between various kinds of treats like Catmandoo’s chicken treats, AD and the latest, is Greenies.

I know, Greenies has wheat, but I still use it as a dental treat and Pole loves it (with the element of surprise, of course).

Besides the above, Pole absolutely LOVES Cubgrub’s dehydrated chicken treats. But she wants these neat and not mixed into her staple meals or used as toppings.

Daily subcut of 200ml. 

Today is Greenies Day!!  Surprise, Pole!!

She loved it, but it still failed to make her eat the Cubgrub, no matter how I mask it in her meal.

For Pole now, the priority is for her to eat and enjoy her food.

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