Tutor Tabs

Tabs, what can we offer you to be Smurfy and the Greystoke Kittens’ chief tutor?

We don’t want the kittens to take after Ginger and start spraying all over the house, so can you take over as tutor/governess, please?

We will “pay” you in Primal treats, will that do?

We bought this rattan basket for Smurfy, but Ginger sprayed on it. Luckily Tabs likes it. Now, we have placed it on the table for Tabs.

Smurfy is going to be bigger than Minnie in no time.

Ginger, you are not exactly a very good influence, you know?

Ginger: Would you rather the kittens and Smurfy follow Cow, Bunny or worse, the madman, psychotic Indy?

Hmm….he does have a point there.

But we prefer Tabs….