RMCO-Relief Petfood Donation to CNRM-feeders

Dear Friends and Supporters,

In April this year, many feeders were hard-hit by the MCO. Some lost their jobs, some had salary cuts while some were restricted by the 10km traveling radius and could not get petfood for their animals.

We offered petfood aid for nine CNRM-feeders, apart of our usual petfood donation to the 4 shelters. That month, we spent a total of RM30,675.94 on petfood donation alone. We could not afford to do this in the subsequent months because we had used up a lot of our reserves and our priority has always been for the neutering of street animals.

We are pleased that this month, neutering has picked up again and we even have new applicants! There will always be a need for neutering because we are a long way away from achieving “stray-free”. It would probably take more than 200 years to achieve actual “stray-free” (probably only for dogs as cats are very elusive). So, we cannot stop. We have to go on.  Remember that it took the Netherlands more than 200 years to achieve the stray-free status for dogs (only) and theirs was with the full support of their government.

Over here in our country, we are working against the odds. There is NO governmental support. There is no majority support from the humans too. We are a minority working against all odds.

But we MUST carry on. Even if we never achieve stray-free, for every animal whom we neuter, thousands of unwanted births have already been avoided. We would have given a better life for that one animal and made a huge difference in his/her life.

It is a task worthwhile.

But back to the subject of petfood donation now.

It is the RMCO now and yes, the reality of the collapsing economy is creeping into every sector. Even in the education sector, colleges are imposing salary cuts and downsizing its staff, so what more in other sectors as well.

We know many feeders will be hard hit by the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. It might be a long time before the economy can recover.

So, as of this month, we have offered our food aid to 4 feeders who are also CNRM-applicants. Priority will be given to CNRMers who are looking after street animals, especially those who constantly show proof of their CNRM work when they apply for our neutering aid.

Priority is also given to those who have been cooperative, responsible, accountable, transparent, sincere and polite.

Our food aid is not open for application. It is an offer.

The 4 feeders we have offered our aid to are Mr Goh Kok Ho, Mr Lim Seong Ann, Ms Lai Sok Yieng and Ms Ng Choy Har.  We are now waiting for a write-up and photos of their respective colonies.

To our supporters who would like contribute to this, we appreciate your generosity very much.

The petfood donation to the 4 shelters will continue too.

Thank you so much, dear friends.