Poisoning, one of the most heinous crimes of cruel humans

Ref: https://myanimalcare.org/2020/06/25/neutering-aid-for-1-cat-in-johor-bahru-lee-jook-kengs/

This morning, Ms Lee gave us the very sad news that her most recent cat whose neutering was sponsored by us was poisoned by one of her neighbours. The cat was hospitalised for 6 days in an attempt to save his life, but he lost the battle last night.

We are both very sad and angry that this has happened. We condemn this heinous crime to the fullest.

Dr Chan..Sedihnya dimaklumkan kucing hitam putih ini telah mati semalam kerana disembur(spray) gas yang berwarna merah oleh penghuni rumah tempat asalnya,ia admitted di klinik sekama 6 hari .Vet tidak dapat selamatkannya kerana paru parunya rosak, livernya pun bengkak kerana jilat gas merah yang kena badannya.

Ini gambar terakhirnya.  Sangat sedih sekali.

We have advised Ms Lee to request her vet’s assistance to help her make a report at the Dept of Veterinary Services in JB and can only hope that justice will be served.

Meanwhile, we have also advised Ms Lee that if any area has such cruel humans, then it is not suitable for CNRM (return to colony). Ms Lee should keep the cats from this area indoors to ensure that such a tragedy will not happen again. Otherwise, another option is to acclimatise the cat to a new area, but this might pose further problems of territorial issues resulting the cat to move back to his former territory. Hence, keeping indoors might be the safer and wiser option.

We express our deepest condolences to Ms Lee on the loss of her cat.

We condemn the heinous act to the fullest and hope that justice will be served, even if it acts as a deterrent to this person to stop her from committing it again or as a warning to others.

Rest in peace, little one.

To all CNRMers, please ensure that your area is safe for return-to-colony.  I deeply empathise as my neighbourhood also has cat-haters and there is one distant neighbour (I was told) who puts poison out for community cats and free-roaming pets too. I lost Bosco to poisoning as well (4 traumatic days in the hospital failed to save his life) and I suspect Rosie was also a victim (one month of slow liver failure).

A few weeks ago, I also received a message from one of our applicants that a new mother-cat had been killed by a human, leaving a whole litter of newborns orphaned. She asked if I knew of anyone who could adopt the litter, and I offered to publish, but she decided she wanted her identity kept confidential. She said she would foster the newborns with her help of her cat-loving group of friends and try to find adopters. I also advised her to report the case to the Dept of Vet Services in her area.

Human cruelty towards animals will never be extinct. Some humans are just tyrannical bullies who think they own the earth.

It is up to us, the minority of animal lovers, to protect the animals as much as we can.


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