Pole’s eating stories

Catmandoo and Primal sprinkles no longer worked this morning. Pole was clearly fed-up of them all.

Let’s see what we have in store as enticements for Pole:

1  Catmandoo
2  Primal sprinkles
3  AD
4  Cubgrub’s chicken treats (Pole wants this neat, not as toppings)
5  Cindy’s tuna mousse (with goat’s milk)
6  Cindy’s chicken mousse (with goat’s milk)

Today, Catmandoo, Primal and AD failed. So I had to resort of Cindy’s mousse. That worked!

Initially, the vet said to only give RC renal wetfood as Pole’s food, but she wouldn’t eat it unless it had toppings. For three weeks, Pole was on 80% RC renal wetfood with toppings, but even with that, it did not have a significant reduction in her creatinine level. So the vet surmised that her elevated creatinine is most likely contributed by her hyperthyroidism. Hence, the vet said Pole could go back to her “normal food” provided it’s CKD food. That would be Cubgrub’s CKD chicken, but Pole has refused to eat that.

So, we are still on RC renal wetfood now with various toppings.

She wants some more (with Cindy’s tuna mousse).

As long as she eats! And heartily too.

The left-overs will be polished up by Indy.

Cindy’s mousse is really good whenever anyone has a vomiting problem. I give them this and they can retain it.

I’ve already confirmed with the importer that Cindy’s and Monge canned cat food do not have added salt.