The Greystokes

Here are some photos from today!

I noticed the kittens love the towels that I use for the side, so they need something warm. This blue furry scarf use to be Vixey’s. For those who are new, Vixey was my rescue many years ago, before Indy. She was a black kitten but diagnosed with brain degeneration and was therefore, a pygmy kitten. Vixey lived for two years (the maximum lifespan of a pygmy kitten is about 3 years, according to the vet), but what a wonderful two years it was. Vixey was rescued with her brother, Wii. And Vixey helped bring up Indy, Creamy & Crackers (two infant kittens I fostered and rehomed). When Vixey passed on, Indy suffered from depression and ran away from home. You can read all about it in my book, Indy Jones and the 4 Pillars of Kindness.

We used to call Vixey “Yoda” because she was so special, very mature and commanded everyone’s respect. No one dared to bully although she was so very small in size. Her growth was stunted because of her brain degeneration.

The kittens loved Vixey’s scarf!

Lynx is more adventurous and has been going to the water bowl. I think he already has teeth because I can hear him biting the sides of the bowl. He tried to drink too! I guess by 4 weeks, maybe they can already eat solids.

By the way, Lynx’ official name is Lynx Riley Greystoke. So he has an “R” middle-name too. I liked the name Riley, but my son felt it might be mispronounced as “Really”…haha.  Come to think of it, Lynx Really Greystoke is a unique name too, isn’t it?

Lynx has a special “L” name because he is special. In fact, Lynx’ markings is SO similar to Vixey’s. Vixey was black too, and had one white lightning-dash on her chest. Lynx also has two white dashes on his neck, under his chin. So similar to Vixey!

Lynx is biting the side of the water bowl.

Lynx knows how to use the scratching pad too. I think Lynx is the youngest of the lot. He was the smallest when born.

Now, which is Minnie and which is Smurfy?


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