Lynx Riley leads the way!

Kittens pictures for this morning!

Rey is asleep on Vixey’s scarf. I am not sure who the other is – either Rio or Robin (I cannot see the tail clearly!).

Lynx leads the way and shows the rest that they can step into the litter box. He didn’t do anything in it, though. He just stepped inside and walked one round.

Lynx comes out after his little tour of the litter box.

And he leads the way to a teaching-tour of the litter box, followed by Robin and Rio (I know for sure because Rey is still asleep).

Now, Lynx does a tour to the water bowl.

He teachers his brother that it is okay to bite the side of the water bowl.

Mama Minnie comes back from her break.

See? Robin (or is it Rio?) checks out the water bowl.

Rey wakes up.

Minnie shows them that the water bowl is safe.

Lynx shows Rey what he had missed in the litter box lesson.

They test out the water bowl.

Lynx really likes the fish scratching post.

I’ve also ordered a cat tree for them from Shopee.

Robin and Rio checks out the litter box…together!

So, while Lynx is the youngest and is still the smallest in size, he is the leader!!






2 responses to “Lynx Riley leads the way!”

  1. YL

    So adorable!
    Last pic: Who is looking at the camera with cute round eyes? Robin or Rio?

    1. chankahyein

      Haha….I actually don’t know but I THINK it is Rio. I’m trying to identify specific markings on their faces without having to check their tails…haha. Wish me luck!