“Ryker” and “Ramona”

Here’s Smurfy playing with Minnie today.

Again, which one is Smurfy and which is Minnie? Haha…

Even though Minnie is no longer in attack mode, Ginger is still terrified of her. When she comes out, usually, Ginger flees to hide. But today, Ginger took a chance and stayed. There was no incidents.

However, during the evening break time, Minnie chased Heidi twice resulting in Heidi the Swiper running away to hide under Vincent’s table. Well, perhaps Heidi deserves it as she has been swiping people (especially me!) all day whenever I passed by without her required social distancing.

Since Lynx has a middle name now, ie. Lynx Riley Greystoke, Minnie and Smurfy also have middle names now.

Minnie Ramona Greystoke (“Ramona” means “protecting hands”).

Smurfy Ryker Greystoke (“Ryker’ means “powerful ruler”).

So now, everyone of the Greystokes has an “R” name!

Rio Greystoke, Robin Greystoke and Rey Greystoke (they don’t need middle names).

What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet (and strong)!

2 comments to “Ryker” and “Ramona”

  • CW Lee

    Hmm…Smurfy Ryker Greystoke, sounds really powerful but with a very sweet nature.
    BTW, your 4 musketeers are oh so cute. Intend to put up for adoption? Hope not.

    • chankahyein

      Ooh, not for adoption UNLESS someone is willing to take the whole family (all six of them) with the understanding that Minnie tested a faint positive for the corona virus and there is a slim possibility of her passing it to her children and hence, there is a slim risk of FIP if the virus mutates later. And the adopter must be willing to carry on with the raw diet which they have started on.

      So no, not for adoption for now. Everyone has to be neutered first.