Pole has FIC again….

Yesterday, Pole was acting up and being very difficult during her meal. I had no choice but to force-feed her just to ensure she had some food.

This morning, the same happened but she also started squatting all over the place and there was no urine.


I had some Prazosin, given by the vet the last time, so I gave Pole a half-tablet. Within half an hour, she was no longer squatting and was able to eat and even take a nap.

Poor Pole.

But after the half tablet of Prozosin, Pole could eat and take a nap.

As I had to work, my husband sent Pole to the vet’s at 9am.

A ultrasound was done. There is no blockage, luckily. A urine test was done too. Her UPC is borderline which is questionable since during FIC (feline idiopathic cystitis – a form of FLUTD), the UPC tends to be elevated. Her urine SG was 1.013 (last time, it was 1.014, so it’s about there). The urine test reveals a small amount of blood, but no crystals.

The suspicion is inflammation, likely due to stress or an infection.

Yes, just like last time.

Pole was prescribed Clavamox liquid (antibiotic) and Papain (Beazyme) tablet (anti-inflammatory).

Of course it’s not easy feeding her the Papain tablet, as expected – she fought and spat it out several times. But the liquid Clavamox is easy.

Looks like everything is back to normal now.


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