Pole’s new enticement for meals (RC renal kibble)

I had a chat with the RC vet yesterday and he suggested that I feed Pole RC renal kibble since she is so fed-up of the renal wetfood by now.

So I decided to use the RC renal kibble as an enticement.

I know, it’s kibble, but I’m also using Greenies as one of the enticements. I need variety and the bottom line is, I need to get Pole to eat.  This is not a time to adopt the “raw only, eat or you starve!” principle. In any case, I don’t adopt that principle with anyone. I believe in the goodness and appropriateness and even the superiority of raw food, but I won’t let the cats starve.

Previously, when Pole first started on the renal diet, she refused to eat the renal kibble. And when she did, she vomited every single pellet out. She also refused Hill’s all three varieties of renal wetfood. So the only renal food I could give her was blended RC renal wetfood.

I did ask the RC vet yesterday if Pole should be given the renal kibble since it’s dry food and she needs water. The vet said it is alright because Pole has daily subcut. I am also aware of the fact that the renal kibble contains wheat and maize, which is not a cat’s biologically appropriate food. But with Pole, nothing is permanent. This is just a break for her from the renal wetfood which she has been on since 31st May 2020. In a few days, she will probably want something else.

I also asked the RC vet about the digestibility of plant proteins in their renal food. To this question, the vet explained a special process is done to extract the gluten(protein rich) part of the wheat, and only that is used in the diet, not the whole wheat. The same goes to the soy protein isolate as well. Hence, plant proteins are alright for cats as long it is processed in such a way that the proteins are extracted out make the food.

In my own limited Form Five biology knowledge, perhaps ultimately, it boils down to the amino acids. That is, down to the molecular form which can be assimilated by the body.

For Pole, it is all about making every day count and being able to eat on her own is already a blessing.

I started last night by mixing renal kibble with renal wetfood and she ate it! No vomiting after that. This morning, I was more ambitious and mixed renal kibble with Cubgrub’s CKD Chicken. This is a bit of a risk as (1) Pole might vomit the kibble out, (2) mixing kibble with raw food is not a good idea as processed and raw food require different digestive enzymes. Kibble should never be mixed with protein as kibble contains carbohydrates (different enzymes to digest). But I decided to throw caution to the wind and try it.

No vomiting! And yes, Pole did eat a bit of the Cubgrub too. I am in a near-impossible quest to get Pole to eat back Cubgrub’s CKD Chicken as the vet advised that she could go back to her CKD raw food since the renal food did not work in getting her creatinine down.

I am told also that it all comes down to the Glomerular Filtration Rate(GFR) in a CKD patient. Once the disease starts, it will not get any better. It will progress. We can only do our best to slow down the progression, but with Pole, it looks like her hyperthyroidism is causing the disease progression to accelerate whereas in Bunny and Cleo, subcut and the raw diet seem to have really slowed down the progression of CKD in both of them. As for Indy, well, he was a Chinese TCM sinseh in his previous life and/or he is still a TCM sinseh in this life (he says that’s Traditional Cat Medicine, if you please), so he somehow took care of his CKD and does not need subcut anymore now. Indy, by the way, only has one functioning kidney since young.

He is Indy Jones and he takes care of himself, somehow. Don’t know how, though.

Back to Pole, I have been mixing the renal kibble with either her renal wetfood or Cubgrub, but I found that I ended up wasting a lot of pellets this way as Pole would just eat as much as she wants and leaves the rest (to the delight of everyone else who would be more than happy to consume all the leftovers). But the rest has no business eating renal kibble, so I resorted just now, to give her renal kibble as a meal by itself. This, again, will only be a temporary meal plan until she gets bored and I would have to come up with new recipes.

Renal kibble neat….for now.

At least Pole has a full stomach as this is all new to her and she is excited, so she eats quite a bit.

Every happy moment counts.

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