Brother Smurfy helps (a lot!)

Smurfy is a total darling. Today, he not only helped look after his brothers but he also groomed them (including licking them to make them pee and poo)!

Take a look:

Here comes Big Brother Smurfy, to help.

You’d see Rio drinking water in this video! Today, the kittens can already drink water on their own from their water bowl!

Smurfy even checked on the grey toy kitten!

For some reason, the kittens love sitting in the litter box!

This is Smurfy looking after the kittens while Mama Minnie takes a break outside.

I think Lynx might be the first to come out already!

Minnie and Smurfy’s bonding time. It’s good that Minnie still looks after Smurfy and spends quality time playing with him.

Smurfy discovers the tree. So far, only Tabs uses it.

Wait till you hear what Minnie did today – caught me by total surprise (next story, please).