Some updates from Ng Choy Har (on the food aid)

We sent 12 packs of dogfood to Ms Ng Choy Har yesterday for the 20 odd dogs whom she feeds daily at her place of work.

Ms Ng was so grateful and happy that she sent photos today with the message that her dogs enjoyed the new food very much and she wants to convey their thanks too!

We are also very happy that one of our regular donors have expressed interest in helping Ms Ng by buying the handmade purses that she makes.

Ms Ng used to make purses to sell in order to raise funds for her rescue work but due to the MCO, sales have literally stopped.

Our donor got in touch with us and has now purchased FOUR purses from Ms Ng at RM200 each!  Thank you so, so much.

Here are photos of the purses that Ms Ng makes.

These four were bought by our donor today.
But Ms Ng is making more and every keen to fundraise again.

If you are interested to help Ms Ng by purchasing her purses, please contact me at and I will get you in touch with Ms Ng.  Thank you!


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