The challenge of getting Pole to eat

As expected the craze over RC renal kibble only lasted 3 days. Pole is not so keen on it anymore, but at least, she ate a lot for 3 whole days and was happy.

Today, she ate a little of it, then stared at me asking for a different kind of food.

Okay, but I don’t know what she wants now. I tried ignoring her as she had already eaten a few scoops of kibble, but she kept staring, which usually means she is still hungry. She had left some kibble untouched.

Oh dear…so, here we go again. I tried her renal wetfood with AD, which normally works. Nope, she did not want any of it. I tried her Cubgrub dehydrated chicken treats – nope. Tak mahu jugak. Now, luckily I did NOT purchase a dehydrator when Pole went all gaga crazy over the treats. I would have for her sake, but luckily I did not. So the treats were given to Cleo.

But who is going to eat the wetfood now? I know, any cat would gladly eat it up, but we should not waste food like this.

Not interested in chicken treats anymore.

Not interested in her wetfood either.

So, I know I’m not supposed to force-feed but I don’t like to see good food go to waste like this.  Pole has been alright with force-feeding if need be. So I force-fed her by rubbing the food onto her teeth. We managed to finish it all.

Now, I don’t know if Pole is being choosy/picky or it’s just that typical CKD fickled-appetite where “ini tak mahu, itu tak mahu, apa kau mahu, aku tak tahu!”.

Vincent used to be like this a lot until he made me understand that all he wanted was cut up chicken fillet, cut to a certain thickness so that he could swallow it whole (but that was because Vincent had horrible mouth and tongue ulcers which made it impossible for him to chew anything).

Every CKD cat is different, I suppose, so I’ll just have to keep trying to guess what Pole wants.

Every time that she eats is a huge blessing. I just have to guess it right.

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