The kittens’ trip out! (and using the litter box)

News of the day! The kittens used the litter box today! Another milestone there. Minnie was busy eating up their faeces from the litter box and the towel. There were traces of specks of golden light brown faeces in the litter. 

Time to explore, kitties!

And while the kittens explored freely, Minnie and Smurfy had a good bonding session!

One was still asleep, so I waited until he woke up.

Lynx had been itching to explore under the condo cage, so he went there today.

Tabs came by to visit too…

…but Minnie gave a warning, so Tabs moved away.

It’s a little strange that Minnie trusts humans more than cats. I wonder why.

Later, another one went under the cage to explore…

I got three of them back into the cage, but the one underneath was too far in. Guess who came to help?

Yes, none other than Big Brother Smurfy! He is just SO good. He stretched his arm inside to try to pull the kitten out, but could not.

Then, he went to the side of the cage.

Ok, all four are safely back in the cage now. Play time is over.

Lynx shows his brother how to climb.

Play time for Minnie and Smurfy!

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