The kittens’ weights

It’s weighing-day today!

And it’s Day 29 too.

Rey Rio Robin Lynx
21st June Day 16 360 334 352 334
4th July Day 29 551 542 556 540

Robin IS the biggest!

I’m training them to eat Cindy’s mousse little by little. They can not all lick it off from my finger. All except Lynx who hasn’t learnt how to lick from my finger yet. But Lynx is undoubtedly the brain. He is very smart. Just small. But definitely smart.

Heidi was growling yesterday when I fed the kittens. That’s because Heidi claims all Cindy’s mousse as HER food just because I keep them in HER kitchen and yes, she loves the canned food too. She only gets it whenever she has a tummy upset and doesn’t feel like eating raw food.


Family bonding time!!

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