A gentle reminder: Honesty, Sincerity and Courtesy

This is a gentle reminder to all applicants:

We have been updating everyone here on certain cheating cases which we have discovered over the past few months. These included forging the vet’s signature as well as blaming the vet for not notching the ears of female animals. Both of which, after checking with the respective vets, were lies. Such applicants have been banned for life. Dishonesty is deliberate and when a person can lie, there is no evil he/she will not do.

But there are also other ways of “cheating”. We ask for the LATEST photos of all previously claimed animals whenever applicants apply for a new case. By LATEST, we mean the very latest, taken in the previous feeding, which is supposed to be the day before. So, please do NOT send the same photos as the ones in your previous update. That would clearly be not an “update”.

We have also explained that if the animal is missing, has passed away or has met with any accident, please just tell us the truth.

There is no need to use old photos and old updates. Why does an applicant do this? Too “busy” to provide us with updates? Finding ways to go around the policies thinking that we will not check and compare with the previous photos?

In any case, when you don’t comply with our policies, we cannot help you.

To all applicants, start an excel file and update the file accordingly with the TRUTH.

Please, the truth is all we ask of you. That isn’t so hard to do. It takes more effort to cook up lies because you would have to remember your lies. If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything. It is the truth. It will not change.

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