Astro’s Oil’s Advanced Renal Care Formula for Pole

I’m rather excited about this.  I heard about Astro’s Oil during Vincent’s time but at that time it was only one product, Astro’s Oil and it is a high grade fish oil, so I did not opt for it because Vincent was already on a quality fish oil. I actually ordered it for Vincent, but I cancelled the order.

It was at the end of June that I was talking with my raw-feeding friend and he mentioned that he found Astro’s renal package rather interesting. It uses a holistic approach to kidney disease and is not the usual allopathic drugs. What he said made sense and I decided to order the package. Now, it comes as three products.

Do take a look here.

What Dr Marcovici says is so true, especially on the following:

…Unfortunately, to this day, this is still the standard prognosis many people will receive for their newly diagnosed chronic kidney failure pet. The reasons are simple, the average treatment protocol still involves mostly the same handful of drugs that produce very mediocre results, commercial renal diets that provide reduced protein content which some studies have put into question as an optimal long term strategy, and fluid therapy in the form of IV’s or Sub-Q’s which can, if not administered correctly, add an unnecessary work-load to the kidneys.


All these years later, the journey that Astro and I embarked on together has grown to encompass many thousands of people around the globe and their chronic kidney disease pets. His story touched and inspired many people who felt helpless as they watched their best friend suffer and waste away daily, to fight and win time and quality of life for their furry buddies rather than surrendering them to a “kind assisted passing”.

Building upon and investing in research focused on the concept of targeting the disease at its root, 2 new products have since been developed to work synergistically with Astro’s Oil™ Advanced Renal Care Formula to more effectively address kidney pathology. The feedback, as you can read in the testimonials page, has been overwhelmingly positive and the results impressive.

Yes, the testimonials are impressive. Copied from the website:

“I would like to publicly thank Edmond for marketing Astro’s Oil when he did. I have been a customer I guess from almost the beginning! My two Siamese cat littermate-sisters were sent home to die in 2007 (“just give them Pepsid to soothe their stomachs”, said their vet). I refused to accept that prognosis and started scouring the internet for SOMETHING alternative to try, and found Astro’s Oil. That was when the cats were both 12 – and now the one we still have is 21! And the other one lived to be 19-1/2, and we did NOT lose her from CRF. Thanks, Edmond, for giving us so many, many more quality years with Ginny and Neffy. May there be many more to come for Ginny and all of the other pets who will be given another chance due to Astro’s Oil!”

Jill Christopher, DBA,CPA,CVA,CFE 

James F. Dicke Professor of Accounting At Ohio Northern University

“I can’t thank Edmond enough… Several times Edmond came to my rescue when I was stressed out of my mind. The vets couldn’t believe I had managed to keep my companions (3 of whom got renal failure syndrome one after the other) alive as long as I did. Without Edmond, the extra life time I had with my companions would have been impossible. I cannot recommend this man’s work and expertise enough. Every pet owner should know about him. I wish Edmond was training vets, their work and service would greatly improve. I have never met Edmond face to face, but after the gut-wrenching, I went through with my little critters, I’ve got to say I love this guy! He’s one in a million!

Christopher D.

“I am so very pleased with my dog Honey’s response to Astro’s Oil!!! A miraculous burst of energy and appetite!! I must write an article to let everyone know of this wonderful product that you have invented, for your beloved Astro!
My husband was very skeptical, but he has just reminded me today that I need to order MORE of Astro’s oil!!

Becky L.

“This is “Blue” our 5 year old ragdoll, asking for more food. (3 months ago, we had to syringe feed him!) Enjoy the reward of your research which now helps us all. My vet was blown away by the blood test results.

Rob  G.

“I wanted to give you the greatest news and latest update… we started Mary on Astro’s Oil at the end of April… while delivering 100cc of IV fluids. Mary was functioning on 25% of one kidney only…with the (vet) recommendation to put her down because she would only last 10 days to two weeks.  I am so grateful to say that this weeks lab results came back and my Vets were astonished.  Not only did she gain a pound and a half in three months but her blood results were almost normal. I also had weaned her off fluids and waited three weeks on purpose before taking her for blood work… My vets were so impressed that they told me they would research your products and contact you… Amesbury Animal Hospital..Dr. Candee and Dr. Smith…their reaction to Mary was true amazement, more like disbelief… they actually thought Mary was beyond help.”

Patty F.

At the end of the day, for me, it remains a fact that our cat or dog probably does not know he or she has any disease. Maybe he/she feels not so well, and it is we humans who do blood tests to find out and we know about the numbers (which aren’t looking good). But all we want is for them to have a better quality of life for their remaining time, however long or short that might be.

For Pole, I’m looking for something that can slow down the progression of her chronic kidney disease. I know her case is far more complicated because she also has high blood pressure and hyperthyroidism which causes the progression of the CKD to be even faster than that in a normal cat. Pole is also prone to gastritis and idiopathic cystitis (a result of the CKD, ie. urine being diluted) and stress.

Each cat is different and for Pole, it is important not to stress her as she is very vulnerable to stress-related health disorders. I considered acupuncture, but decided not to go down this road.

So, on 21st June 2020, I ordered the whole renal package for Pole. It arrived yesterday! In between I corresponded with the staff of Astro Oil and they have been extremely helpful with a personal touch.

So yesterday, I administered two-thirds of the dosage since it arrived in the afternoon. I am happy to say that Pole did not reject it as she would medicine.

She quite happily licked the powder mixed with Cindy’s mousse when I rubbed it on her mouth. I did not want to risk putting it into her food as I didn’t want to waste any of it as she might just outright reject the food. So I mixed both powders with a wee bit of Cindy’s mousse and yes, Pole ate it all up. As for the oil, it comes with 5 pipettes, but the I found the pipette has some residual oil in it after administering it, so I opted to use a syringe the next round. Pole did not quite like the oil, but did not reject it outright too. Pole generally likes Coatex fish oil.

But what’s more amazing is that after a few hours of the first dose, I noticed Pole being happier.

Normally, after administering medicine, she would look totally miserable, like in a daze, like being subjected to some trauma. This is especially true after Pronefra. Oh, how she hates that. She liked it the first time, but began hating it progressively after that. I’ve stopped the Pronefra now.

But after Astro’s, Pole definitely looked happier. She also started asking for food more often yesterday.

So yes, it looks promising…for now.

I hope it continues to help Pole, if not in improving the numbers, then in giving her a better quality of life. I will continue with the daily subcut and I’d like to be optimistic here.

Hope for the best (but quietly be prepared for the worst).

Every moment counts.

The Renal Care Phosphate Free Protein, the Nitrogen Creatinine Scrub and the Fish Oil. All functions are described in the link above.

Pole is still into the RC renal kibble craze for now. It’s a matter of time before she grows tired of it and switches over to something else. I tried switching her back to raw, but she doesn’t want it. For now, as long as she eats, it’s good. She likes Cindy’s Tender Chicken with Broth too.  I guess she needs variety in her food, especially when appetite is always compromised in a CKD cat. Anything she wants to eat and eats heartily, is good enough.

Taking a nap after her lunch of Cindy’s Tender Chicken.

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