Naughty Indy sneaked out…for how long?? (and his eating disorder)

I don’t know when it happened, but Indy sneaked out all of last night.

It was in the middle of the night that we heard sounds of a catfight. Husband came downstairs to check and found…..

…Indy and Ginger about to engage in full battle!

So, he scooped Indy back into Bunny’s Place.

Indy also has a slight eating disorder in that he cannot eat too much at one go first thing in the morning. I have read about this and it is not uncommon. It is because the stomach has been without food for many hours through the night, so it cannot handle a large amount of food. For such cats, it is advisable to give the small amounts throughout that time interval (which is not possible as we are asleep) or give them a small treat to start “the motor” running before the real meal.

So for Indy, I opt to give him small amounts while the Kitchen Cats (which now comprises Ginger, Tabs, Heidi, Minnie and Smurfy) are eating and he is on the window sill, as usual. Then, he gets more small amounts (a spoonful at a time) when he eats again with the Cows. So at the end of the day, Indy gets small amounts for breakfast at two venues.

Yes, Indy is the weird one!

As for the rest of the cats, they do get the occasional vomiting (regurgitation of their meal). To address this, I find using Omeprazole very effective (especially if you buy the one that comes in encapsulated granules – I know it is one-sixth for Pole (5 granules) and one-quarter for the titan-sized cats (7-8 granules) (including Tabs)) and the most effective food for such is Cindy’s mousse with goat’s milk. There is a version of Omeprazole which is in powder form. I have not used this before but I guess it would be harder to divide it out. It is a human medication for gastritis.


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