A new variety of food for Pole

My friend, Chen Chen, introduced me to Aixia cat food for finicky seniors: https://www.aixia.jp/en/products/

They actually have a range for kidney cats too, but it’s not available at the online stores.

I ordered a variety of flavours for seniors (above 15 years and above 11 years) from Perromart (I love this online store) and they arrived today!

This is the one for seniors.

I’m using all kinds of food for finicky and choosy Pole – it’s just as long as she eats. She is still, surprisingly, hooked on RC renal kibble. Not bored of it yet. She doesn’t like RC renal wetfood anymore so I’m kind of stuck with two boxes now. But everyone else loves it – oh well, at least they can eat it up. No harm giving Bunny, Cleo, Indy and even Cow this food since they are all elderly.

She wasn’t exactly crazy about it, but at least she is eating it.

She no longer eats RC renal wetfood – neat or blended. No. Yucks.

There are two small cans in this pack.

Aixia is not going to be Pole’s staple food, of course (not until I scrutinise the fine print of the ingredients). I’m using it to break the monotony for her. Her staple for now is still RC renal. She is on Cindy’s Tender Chicken with Broth as well. I haven’t succeeded in converting Pole back to raw food yet – it’s harder than I thought, but it IS expected because I am letting Pole “graze” just because she is a gastric patient and has to eat small meals throughout the day. So, the no-grazing rule does not apply to Pole.

For Pole, the rule is: As long as she eats on her own. And enjoys her food. That is happiness enough.