Up and up!

Rio made it to Level 6 this morning!

Rio is up!

Now, I don’t remember who this is…haha, but he is licking wetfood from the little plate. The thing is, all of them can lick wetfood off my finger except Lynx. Lynx still cannot like (or doesn’t want to). I have to rub the food on his mouth.

Surprisingly though, Lynx can eat the RC Weaning kibble (meant for Minnie, actually, but it is formulated for kittens AND mother-cats). So, Lynx can eat kibble but cannot lick wetfood? More like, he seem to prefer kibble? No, no…not another kibble king. The whole Greystoke Family is going to be on raw food once the weaning period is over. I think either Robin or Rio is also able to eat the kibble now.

Arrgh…I still cannot tell the difference between Rio and Robin unless I look at their tails. But Rio’s is tricky because it can be straight or bent with the crook.

Hello, everyone!

Every morning, whenever I open the curtain, all four kittens will line up for roll call. It’s the cutest sight.

Everyone has achieved Level 6 by today!

Level 7 would have to wait. It involves jumping from Level 6 over to the blue basket (that’s Level 7). It isn’t about height anymore but it’s all about the ability to jump and we don’t expect the kittens to do this until they are at least 2-3 months old.

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