Rey does the near-impossible!! (achieves Level 7)

I don’t know how he did it. But I was right there, monitoring the others when suddenly, I saw Rey up on Level 7!!!

However, I did not see HOW he did it.

My eyes were on the ground floor where the other three were and suddenly I heard mewing up above and I looked. There Rey was….on Level 7! The near-impossible level which we thought they would only be able to achieve when they were 3 months old!

But I quickly brought him down as he seemed worried and frightened, and it also looked like he could not come down by himself.

There are only two ways to get to Level 7 (which was built for Smurfy). Jump from Level 6 across to Level 7 (no way Rey could have done this) or go down the ladder halfway, then heave himself up to Level 7’s basket. To to this heaving requires tremendous upper body strength.

Remember Rey could not even get up to Level 1 (the small white platform) last week when everyone else could? We concluded that Rey had not developed upper body strength yet.

And that was just a week ago!

Look at him now!!

Quite an amazing feat, Rey!!  Congratulations!


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