Minnie’s daring attempted escape

Remember Minnie came into Bunny’s Place sometime ago, through the downstairs bathroom windows?

That must have been a reconnaissance mission…to scout for an escape route.

Today, when I opened Bunny’s Grille, she rushed in, as quick as lightning and before I could do anything, she jumped up on the ledge.

Yes, Cleo and Indy’s ledge.

Very quickly, she walked gingerly to the end where there is a tiny hole.

I think the hole is too small for her to squeeze through, but looks like she had already done her reconnaissance work that day.

I had to call for help.

I took the small spray bottle (water-gun for Indy) and sprayed water at her, to make her go backwards (they are very adept at doing this, both Indy and Cleo) until she had no choice but to jump down and husband was waiting, but Minnie jumped all the way from the ledge to the floor. Oh my goodness….

She landed safely and rushed to get out of Bunny’s Place.

Something tells me they won’t be the last time she will attempt an escape. Coincidentally, it happened after Smurfy came home.

Many times now, she has sneaked up to the front door whenever we return home hoping to make a quick dash out.

Minnie is a free spirit.

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