Rey’s secret route revealed!!

Determined to find out exactly how Rey did it, husband decided to do cat-watching this morning.

And Rey showed him how it is done. No photos, unfortunately, but husband is now an eye witness to it!

How Rey does it: He goes down the ladder halfway, then from this halfway mark, he scales the grille (the “wall” of the cage!), then he latches onto the blue basket and heaves himself into it.

Now, why didn’t I think of this option?

(Ans: ‘Coz I’m not as smart as a cat, that’s why!)

But this time, he failed to heave himself up into the blue basket.

It’s okay, Rey. Take your time. In fact, you are WAY ahead of time. This is a task for a 3-month old kitten and you are only 36 days old!!

Meanwhile, my plan to start them all on Coco&Joe’s or Cubgrub did not materialise as I could only finger-feed them Cindy’s chicken mousse. Yesterday, Rio was willing to lick a bit of Coco&Joe’s from my finger. They cannot lick up Cubgrub yet as the pieces are not blended.  Lynx and one of them (gosh, I don’t remember if it’s Rio or Robin now) started eating the RC Weaning kibble.

So, this is a messy interim period, but my plan is to get all of them on the raw diet when they are ready.

For now, it’s finger-feeding whenever I see them awake.

The vet said Minnie should NOT be eating up the kittens’ faeces anymore, but she still is, so I will stop her whenever I see her doing it. It’s quite difficult, actually, because she is intuitively bent on eating up their faeces. I managed to scoop up kitty poo twice and urine balls a few times now. The kitty poo is a healthy golden brown in colour.

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