Encouraging self-sufficiency and discouraging over-dependence

AnimalCare strongly encourages self-sufficiency and discourages over-dependence on our funds.

The first line of our policy statement in neutering aid is this:

Our primary objective is to help CNRM street animal caregivers who do small-scale rescue work or those who are just starting out. We urge those who are doing large-scale work to seek other sources to sustain their work as our funds are only for One-Street CNRM.
Objektif utama kami adalah untuk membantu penjaga haiwan jalanan CNRM yang membuat kerja penyelamatan berskala kecil atau mereka yang baru bermula. Kami menggesa mereka yang melakukan kerja berskala besar untuk mencari sumber lain bagi mengekalkan kerja penyelamatan mereka kerana dana kami adalah hanya untuk One-Street CNRM.

We have always emphasized that we support One-Street CNRM (which is small and manageable within your means). If you wish to go big, then please ensure you have the financial, time and energy resources to do it. Our funds are to help you get started to do your small-scale rescue work. 

We do not have the capability of continuously fund your work when you choose to expand it.

With her permission, let allow me to share what Nujtiya Chareansouk, one of our former long-time applicants is doing now since she has chosen to expand her rescue work. We started by supporting her mother’s rescue work in Kangar, Perlis in 2013 and from there, we went on to support Nujtiya’s work in Johor.

This was during the old days where we did not set a limit to the numbers that we helped. All in, through the many years, we ended up helping Nujtiya and her mother with more than one hundred (117 dogs and 4 cats) animals.

But we cannot go on anymore now even though Nujtiya is carrying on her rescue work. So we explained our limitations to her and now, Nujtiya has found her way to carry on.

She allows me to share this, in her own words:

Nujtiya: It’s OK, last mth I came out an idea to help the stray in my Gelang Patah area, I suggest something like GP zero stray (get donation only for neutering dogs at Gelang Patah area) and surprisingly I received good response from my FB friends. They support me and so far I have successfully using that money to neuter 5 dogs and found them home 🥰. Actually we ourselves must think of a way to do something, can’t always depends on others. I hope others will do that too. At least 2 of my friends who live in Bandar Dato Onn / Taman Daya also told me they want to do that too. Ya, raising fund is not an easy job, especially big amount like u do. I only raise fund for neutering but not medical. Cos medical will have many gossip. Neutering fee is very straight forward. Some ppl they don’t have time to send dogs for neutering, but they want to help the strays. So they donate.

As above, in her own words, Nujtiya has devised a way to raise funds on her own, through her FB friends. Raising funds from one’s own friends (who trust you) is indeed a very good way.

We hope other rescuers, especially our applicants who have claimed for sometime now, will also do the same so that you become self-sufficient and will not indulge in over-dependency on our funds.

Remember that we won’t be here for all time. To rely on charity for your work all the time is also not sustainable.

We are here to help when you take your baby steps, but we hope you will learn to be independent after that.

It is a wonderful feeling when you are able to take pride in being able to sustain your own work! 

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