Lynx leads the way again…in eating Coco&Joe’s!

Looks like Lynx achieves a first again…in eating raw food (Coco&Joe’s)!

Lynx doesn’t seem to like canned food at all. He went for the kibble that day, and tonight, he licked up the remnants of Coco&Joe’s that Minnie left behind.

I had prepared three bowls with the hope that the kittens will lick the food. But Minnie got to all three bowls and started polishing them up. Lynx had started eating before Minnie came into the cage, but Minnie took over the whole bowl after that. Lynx waited until she had finished, then he licked up the remnants.

I did not have my phone with me the first round that Lynx ate.

This is his second round of eating Coco&Joe’s. I hope his brothers will follow suit.

Lead the way, Lynx! To good nutrition!

Food, glorious food!

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