Smurfy and the kittens

This morning, I already let Smurfy out from the cage. He was not happy in there. I thought the stress won’t be good for his recovery, so I decided to let him out and just monitor his wounds.

He straight away went to check on the kittens. He must have really missed them as he takes it upon himself to take care of them too.

Smurfy is snuggled up in the pink basket. Rey made it to Level 7 again – it’s as easy as pie for him now.

Lynx goes into the pink basket with Big Bro Smurfy.

Now, is this Robin or Rio? I don’t know!

Smurfy is fine. He ate a whole lot yesterday, so today, he’s taking it easy on the food.

He and Minnie are back to their playful wrestling again. I’m relieved that Smurfy is now neutered. We don’t know when Smurfy and Minnie will come into heat as Smurfy should be around 7 months old now. So far, there has been no signs or symptoms, but it’s good that he is neutered now. I don’t know when I can get Minnie neutered because the kittens are still suckling and they aren’t too keen on semi-solids except for Rio who is willing to lick wetfood on his own. The rest, I still have to finger-feed several times a day.


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