All the kittens eat Coco&Joe’s!

With Lynx leading the way yesterday, by this morning, finally….all the kittens have now eaten Coco&Joe’s on their own (without the need of finger-feeding)!


Robin (or Rio?) stared eating first. Lynx was still fast asleep.

These kittens have never lived as strays, so they do lack a bit of survival skills here. They were born in a basket and have been living under protection so they are a bit slower in the survival-of-the-fittest department. I have fostered rescued kittens who were younger and they took to eating chicken chunks at this age. No need to teach them anything. It was eat-or-die, so they ate.

These four are, well…pampered to the core! They have their mum taking care of them, me finger-feeding them, and they live comfortably under protection.

Finally, Lynx woke up and started eating. By then, Rio and Robin had already eaten their share which was only a tiny bit, but it’s a good start, especially when no prompting was needed from me. They ate it themselves. I did not want to finger-feed this raw food because it’s not finely blended and would have been difficult using my finger and more importantly, it is TIME they learnt to eat on their own. They are already almost six weeks old.

Rey did not want any of it. He went upstairs to Level 6.

Rio and Robin are eating!

Me no want that type of food. Me wants baby food.

It took a lot of patience and waiting. Finally, Rey came down and eat on his own!

Okay, now that I have eaten adult food, may I have back my baby food? 

But that was in the morning only. Later in the day, they just wanted baby food. Hmm…looks like we need more time here.

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