Astro’s Renal Care package for Cleo and Bunny too

Pole started on Astro’s Oil’s renal care package on 8th July 2020 so it’s been one week now.

Yesterday, I started Cleo and Bunny on the N-Creatinine Scrub and the Phosphate-Free Protein (both powders). I haven’t given them the Oil yet.

Pole is on the whole package (with the oil).

Surprisingly, Cleo loves it (for now) and is even willing lick it up herself!!  I mix the powders with Cindy’s chicken mousse. Bunny, of course, it goes without saying, will eat up anything. No problems with him on eating.

Her Royal Majesty is willing to eat it all by herself! Would you believe that??

This is the package. I started Cleo and Bunny on just once a day, which is a half dose. They creatinine is still within the normal range, just on the higher end. Both are on twice-weekly subcut of 200ml each.

Pole is on the full dosage, which is 3 times a day (since her creatinine is high – more than 400). She doesn’t mind the powders but does not like the oil, but it’s still manageable. I have to rub the powders mixed with Cindy’s mousse on her mouth and she would eat it up. As for the oil, I use the pipette that comes with the set (it comes with 5 plastic pipettes).

Pole is still eating RC renal kibble. She doesn’t want to wet version. But she would eat other brands of wetfood, though. She hasn’t gone back to raw yet. I am still working on this, but not forcing it.

Cleo’s subcut must still be handled by two people, especially during the poking at the beginning but also during the session as she is liable to make a jump for it mid-session. She also has an uncanny knack of knowing when the 200ml is in – she WILL run off after we hit 200ml, make no mistake about this! It’s either she can feel the 200ml fluids in, or she knows the time taken (about 3-4 mins) OR she reads my mind. When the 200ml is about to finish, she will look up at the fluid bottle, then she gets ready to make her dash.

Cats!! They are too smart!!

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