Minnie is probably in heat

I know Malaysians use “on heat”, but it’s actually “in heat” or “gone into heat”.

Okay, it looks like Minnie has gone into heat. This might explain her desperate need to escape and that would be a disaster with Gingertom and Bushy White around. And also whoever the kittens’ father is, might still be around. A neighbour told me he did spot a black tomcat from the back lane.

Today, she started making the “in heat” meowing many times and was very restless, going up and down the stairs, probably looking for a way out, to mate.

LUCKILY Smurfy had already been neutered on Saturday. So lucky that we got a slot that weekend even though it was a last minute decision (because he and Minnie were always rolling around, wrestling, and I was worried).

Alright, a bit of back story here. When Minnie was first rescued, on that very day, I took her and Smurfy to the vet for check-up hoping she would be healthy enough to be neutered. The blood test showed that Minnie had hepatitis, she was pale, and was jaundiced, so she had to be treated first (no operation could be done). Then, the ultrasound showed that Minnie might be in early pregnancy (two “loops” were detected, which could be foetuses). It was just a possibility at that time and her pregnancy was unconfirmed.

After Minnie recovered from the jaundice, that was about a week later, the vet checked again and confirmed the pregnancy as the heartbeat could be detected by then. The vet said it was still very early and I had to option of terminating the pregnancy then. But I decided to let Minnie give birth first.

Hence, we have Rio, Rey, Robin and Lynx now.

After they were born, Minnie was nursing them, so I could not get her spayed. They needed mother’s milk for their infancy.

It’s coming to 6 weeks by this weekend. At 4 weeks, I had already started finger-feeding the kittens Cindy’s chicken mousse. Now, Rio can definitely eat Coco&Joe’s. Lynx too, but he is not consistent on it yet. Rey and Robin can eat as well, but they don’t seem to want to eat it yet. So I am still finger-feeding them as often as I can, in an effort to wean them off mother’s milk.

I contacted the vet today and she said I should separate Minnie from the kittens so that her milk glands can dry up (it would take 3-4 weeks if there is no milking). But Minnie has already gone into heat now, so it’s too risky to have her spayed now even if we do a flank-procedure (the risk of over-bleeding because of being in heat). So I have to wait for another 2 weeks for her to be out of heat, then we can schedule a flank spaying (side). The reason for opting for the flank procedure is so that we don’t cut into the mammary glands. They wouldn’t be dried up yet in 2 weeks even if the kittens do not suckle.

So, that’s the entire story, for the benefit those who might have missed all of the earlier posts and wonder why we have 4 infant kittens. But they are a joy!

Whenever I place bowls of Coco&Joe’s or Cindy’s mousse for the kittens, Minnie and Smurfy would want to rush in and eat it up as well, even though they have already eaten.

So I now have to close the condo cage door so that they kittens have a chance to eat on their own.

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