The adult Greystokes

The kittens get all the limelight daily, so today, it’s about the adult Greystokes.

Minnie and Smurfy keeping watch on the kittens.

Who’s the one still not asleep?  Haha…I don’t know!

Smurfy is all okay after the neutering except that he doesn’t eat as much as he used to, but this began even before the neutering was done. He just doesn’t eat as much as before.

Minnie is quite the gangster. She has been sneaking out to Bunny’s Place every single day, making lightning dashes whenever I open the grille and then, making a beeline to the ledge (to escape?). She also has taken to spraying (yes, Minnie is spraying urine – oh, oh), perhaps in her ongoing antagonism towards Ginger (Ginger sprays, so Minnie does it too) and yesterday, she defecated on our bed. She sneaked in and did it.

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