Betsy’s photo shoot

Remember Betsy?

Betsy, a Shitzu, was supposed to have undergone an eye operation to save her eye, but the owner neglected her. Betsy was found with a large e-collar by a good samaritan, on the street, and luckily taken to the “correct” vet. The vet contacted her owner to ask if the eye operation could be done already, but the owner said she did not want Betsy anymore. The eye op, by then, was way overdue.

My friend, Connie, decided to rescue and take over Betsy from the vet and sponsor her eye operation. Mun Mun was on board to adopt Betsy after that.

But after just one day, Connie decided she would adopt Betsy. The eye operation was done, but it failed to save Betsy’s eye. Alternative treatments were also done and finally Betsy’s eye had to be removed.

But, Betsy is truly loved, living in Connie’s home with all her dogs!

Here are some latest photos.

That’s Betsy on the right, with Joe and Coco Poms. The poms were also rescued from an irresponsible breeder-owner who cast them out on the street because they were not perfect.

Betsy with Wendy.

Wendy and Betsy (can you see Betsy in this photo?)!

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  • YL

    So sad to read about owners dumping their pets outside and don’t want them anymore just because they are no longer cute or difficult.

    Happy to read they’ve got a good home now. Betsy is looking good!